What To Do If Your Pet Bites Someone

Guilty-dogAny pet is capable of biting.

Most pet owners understand that with owning a pet comes risks. One of these risks is that your pet will bite someone. This is one of the greatest fears for any pet owner as any pet no matter their temperament or training is capable of biting. This is why it’s so important to know how to properly handle the situation to avoid health and legal problems.

If your pet has bitten someone here is what you should do to best handle the situation:

Remove Your Animal – If your pet has bitten someone the first thing you should do is remove him or her from the situation. This protects the victim from being bitten again and allows your pet to calm down.
Be Considerate To The Victim – It’s important to be very considerate of the victim to help them calm down and take care of their injury. You are responsible for seeking medical aid or calling an ambulance if the bite is bad enough. It is important to not place any sort of blame or loose your temper as this will only make the situation worse, the victim more upset, and potentially be used against you if the victim chooses to seek legal action.
Exchange Information – Once your animal has been removed from the situation, you and the victim have determined whether medical care is required, the next thing to do is exchange your insurance and contact information. In addition you should obtain any information you can about the scenario (i.e., time, location, date, victim) for your insurance provider and potential legalities.
Contact Your Insurance Provider – Once you are in a private setting you should call you insurance provider to inform them of the situation. If possible do not call your insurance on the scene – it’s best to not discuss private details in a public setting.
Prepare For The Next Steps – If the victim chooses to go forward with any charges it’s crucial for you to be properly prepared as pet bites are taken very seriously by the legal system. This includes gathering your vet records, any pet-training records, insurance information, and seeking an accident lawyer.
The most important thing to remember if your pet has bitten someone is to stay calm. Your first priority is to ensure the victim’s safety by removing you pet from the situation and seeking medical aid if need be. From there you can see where the situation is going (lawsuit or no lawsuit) and prepare accordingly.

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