Toronto Motor Vehicle Accident Reports

In May, the Toronto Police Service was planning to discontinue the practice of dispatching officers to motor vehicle accidents if no injuries were reported or where vehicle damage did not exceed $2,000.

The Ontario Trial Lawyers Association and the Ontario Safety League, publicly expressed concern that this decision would set a dangerous precedent that could be adopted by other municipal police services across the province.

OTLA collected data on how personal injury lawyers rely on Motor Vehicle Accident Reports (MVAR) from accidents, specifically lawyers rely on the information contained in reports while investigating clients’ case or conducting personal injury civil compensation trial. Surveyed lawyers indicated that 83% rely on the information collected in the MVAR in most cases and 88% of lawyers surveyed responded that the MVAR is very important while investigating their client’s case.

For now, the Toronto Police Service has reversed its decision and will continue to attend the scene of accidents.