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Who should I speak with first? The insurance company or my lawyer?

If you’ve been in seriously injured in an accident, it is strongly advised that you speak with an injury lawyer before speaking with your insurance provider. Your lawyer has your best interests in mind and wants to make sure that you get all of the compensation that you are entitled to.

The insurance provider on the other hand, has the interests of the insurance company in mind – and without proper legal counsel, you may not get the compensation that you deserve and need for your recovery.

Question: Do I Have Time to Consult an Injury Lawyer?

Once you were injured in an accident, you have a week to contact your insurance provider and make a claim. It is therefore extremely important that you contact a personal injury lawyer immediately. Your lawyer will let you know what you can expect from the insurance company, and will speak to your insurer on your behalf.

Question: Why Speak With a Lawyer First?


Personal injury law is a very specific and complex field. Toronto injury lawyers are specialist in this field and have helped many clients with cases similar to yours. Your lawyer knows what you can reasonably expect in terms of compensation – and more importantly, they know how to get it for you if the insurance company does not offer it.

Additionally, you may be eligible for compensation outside of the insurance company. Your injury lawyer can help you decide whether or not you can sue any at fault parties, and up to what amount they may be held liable for.

Insurance Forms

Even if your insurance company is offering you fair compensation, the forms they send you may be complex and confusing. Errors on these forms can lead to costly delays in receiving the financial compensation that you need.

Your injury lawyer will review any insurance forms with you, make sure they are filled out correctly, and guide you through the process of submitting them.

Dealing with a serious injury and the consequences that go with it can be frustrating enough – there is no need to be further frustrated by paperwork!

If the injured person is unable to sign insurance forms for him or herself because they are a minor, under a disability, or lack the capacity to make decisions, then the injury lawyer can assist in the process of appointing a designated person to sign on their behalf.

Ensure You Get What You’re Entitled To

Becoming injured or disabled can have serious financial consequences in addition to the physical ones. Lost income from missed work, medical bills not covered by OHIP and added expenses for help doing things that you were once able to do for yourself can add up.

If you don’t collect all the compensation you are entitled to, it can jeopardize the financial security of you and your family. Talking to an injury lawyer before you speak with your insurance provider can help to protect you from this.