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Social Media and Lawsuits

In today’s technological world, either you or someone you know uses a social media website such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Social media offers benefits such as staying in touch with friends and loved ones as well as sharing events life events with your social circles. Regardless of the online platform, if you are involved in a personal injury lawsuit, an insurance company will inevitably come looking for your social media accounts.

Some may call it creeping, others call it spying. Regardless of the term, the insurance company has one goal: to gather as much evidence as possible to bolster their position and deny you your claim. They will compile social media posts, pictures, videos and just about anything else that could be relevant to their defense. And if it’s relevant, it’s producible at trial. The lawsuits for pain and suffering go through a civil court trial. In Ontario, most if not all personal injury trials are decided not by a judge but by six people from the street who were called to civil jury service. These six individuals will view your pictures and judge whether your injuries limiting your activities or not. A lawyer acting for the negligent driver and paid for by the negligent driver’s insurance company, will request a that the claimant to produce social media posts and activity log, which cannot be deleted. If the claimant refuse to do so, the insurance lawyer may seek court’s order for such production and costs for the motion against the claimant.

My recommendation to avoid acrimony, if you are involved in a personal injury lawsuit, or anticipate you will be, it’s best to be one step ahead of the insurance company; deactivate your social media accounts and ask your friends and family to avoid posting anything relevant about you for the duration of the lawsuit. Some readers may think that by increasing their private setting, they can safely maintain an online presence during this time.

Although increasing your privacy settings may seem like a smart tactic to avoiding judgmental reviews of insurance companies, it doesn’t always work. Insurers can still find your profile through search engines and your friends. Yes, your friends. They can hire private investigators to investigate your social circles and lurk their accounts.

What kinds of accidents and injuries can a personal injury lawyer in Mississauga help me with?

A personal injury lawyer in Mississauga can help their clients to receive compensation and benefits for a wide variety of accidents and injuries. If you’ve been injured because of someone else’s negligence, it is important that you get the compensation that you are entitled to.

The following are just a few areas where a personal injury lawyer in Mississauga can help.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Every day people are injured or become disabled as the result of a motor vehicle accident. Accidents occurring with cars, trucks, motorcycles – even accidents involving pedestrians must often be settled with the help of a personal injury lawyer.

Some of the legal steps that may be taken in these cases are filing a claim with your insurance company, as well as potentially suing the at-fault driver or drivers.

Serious Injuries and Disability Claims

Whether your disability insurance is through your work or whether you own your personal policy, the reason for your policy is that you have the help you need when you need it. However, disability claims can often be confusing, and they don’t always pay out when you expect them to.

Your personal injury lawyer can deal with the insurance company on your behalf to make sure that you get the benefits you’ve been paying for all these years.

Trip or Slip and Falls

If you’ve been injured from a slip and fall because someone failed to properly maintain the property, your personal injury lawyer can give you the advice you need and help you proceed with legal action if necessary.

Product Liability

Some injuries are the result of faulty or defective products. In these cases, the liability falls with the manufacturer.

Going after a large corporation or other business can seem like a daunting task. But if you’ve been injured, you deserve to be compensated. Your personal injury lawyer can help to recover the financial assistance that you need to ease the burden of your injury and to help you get your life back on track.

Wrongfully Denied Insurance Claims

If you’ve been denied an insurance claim, your personal injury lawyer may be able to help. Your lawyer will carefully review the terms of your insurance contract to help determine whether or not the insurance company was justified in denying your claim.

If the insurance company was not justified, your lawyer can deal with the insurance company on your behalf and if necessary initiate legal action in order to help you get your claim.

Fatality or Wrongful Death

If you’ve lost an immediate family member because of someone else’s negligence, it can be an extremely painful time. Unfortunately, many in this situation are not only dealing with the grief of their loss but also with the financial burden of medical and funeral costs – not to mention the lost income of a person who may have been a breadwinner for the family.

While no amount of legal action can replace the person that you lost, having a good lawyer on your side can at least help you relieve some of the financial pain associated with your loss.

Any other act of negligence that results in injury or disability

Additionally, there are many other acts of negligence that may result in a personal injury. If you’ve become the victim of someone’s negligence, speak with a personal injury lawyer today to find out how they can help.