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Bill 30: Patching Up Ontario’s Road Efficiency

Ontario’s road system has several issues that have persisted for years. Amongst these problems are inadequate driver education and inefficient accident response management systems.

Bill 30, the Highway Incident Management Act, is a private member’s bill designed to fix problems plaguing Ontario’s roads and highways after the recently passed Bill 15, aimed at reducing insurance rates, failed to do so. Bill 15 was passed with no public consultations or input from consumers.

Inadequate driver knowledge of how to behave in car collisions has contributed to accident clean-up delays and the province’s driver education system is to blame. If the Ontario Legislature passes Bill 30, the government would be required to establish an advisory committee within two months. This committee would report and advise on issues regarding public education programs to improve driver behavior in automobile accidents. Within two months of the committee issuing its advice, the Transportation as well as Community Safety and Correctional Services Ministers would have to publically recommend or decline the recommendations.

The Bill also aims to improve accident response efficiency by establishing a committee of traffic incident management experts that would advise on highway accident detection and clearing issues. The Bill also intends to organize tow truck response arrival to accidents. Currently, the tow truck response system is uncoordinated, causing hazards and road congestion as multiple tow truck drivers race to the scene of the accident, each hoping to be the first to secure the job. With the new system in place, tow trucks would adhere to an organized system that ensures qualified tow truck drivers are retained for specific types of accidents. The government ought to make sure that the two truck drivers do not abuse customers by requesting payments in cash. That has been prohibited by government bill and car owners should consider filing a complaint if their vehicle is not released to them on credit or debit card payment.

What can a lawyer do for me if I have had a brain injury as a result of an accident?

A traumatic brain injury can be very devastating and potentially life threatening. It affects not only the injured individual, but his or her entire family. Even non-life threatening brain injuries can have a long recovery process. There are many medical expenses that go into the medical care of a person with a brain injury.

The amount of compensation you can receive from a lawsuit depends on a number of factors, including the areas of your life that have been affected. For example, if the brain injury has led to other health problems that make it difficult to do the type of work required in your occupation, you may be entitled to receive more compensation.

Financial compensation awarded is typically aimed at covering expenses such as:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Rehabilitation
  • Medical care through the recovery process.
  • Home caregivers
  • Psychiatric care and counseling
  • Expenses that are not covered by existing health insurance
  • Funeral expenses
  • Travel expenses related to medical care
  • Support services for injured person’s relatives

When seeking compensation, it’s important that you keep track of all expenses related to the injury. This includes receipts and medical records. Also, have your family members keep track of all of the financial losses they experienced while helping you recover.

Question: What are Future Care Expenses?

If a qualified doctor specializing in brain injuries does not foresee you making a full recovery, you might be able to receive compensation for future expenses. In order to receive compensation, you must prove damages for future care costs. For example, will you be unable to live completely independent in the future? How much care will you require? How long will it take for a full recovery? You must demonstrate that there is a real risk of incurring more loss in the future.

Question: Why Choosing a Lawyer who specialize in Brain Injury?

It’s important that you choose a lawyer who has experience dealing with clients with brain injuries. They must be knowledgeable about the mechanics of traumatic brain damage and familiar with the latest brain imaging techniques such as MRIs and topographical brain mapping. The lawyer you choose should also be able to retain appropriate medical experts who are up to date with developments in the field of brain injury. The more experts you can have on your side, the better.

The lawyer’s goal is to achieve the highest amount of compensation possible for his/her client. This is vitally important, as the quality of care you receive depends on how compensation you can receive. For this reason, choose the best brain injury lawyers possible, such as those at Clarke Law.

Is it necessary to hire a lawyer that specializes in brain injury cases?

Personal injury law is a unique and complex area of the law. Injuries to the brain are even more complex, so it is important to enlist the help of a lawyer that specializes in brain injury cases who can help get you the compensation that you are entitled to.

Question: What is a brain injury?

Brain injuries may occur from a number of causes including accidents, illnesses and environmental factors. It is estimated that over 16,000 Ontarians sustain brain injuries each year. These injuries may be minor and temporary such as in the case of minor concussions or they may be permanent, life altering events. Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is the result of trauma or when damage is caused to the brain as a result of external force. This can be caused by an accident such a fall, motor vehicle accident or physical assault. Brain injuries differ from other types of injures because they are rarely visible and may take some time for the full extent and the effect of the injury to be apparent.

Question: How these injuries affect the victim and their families?

A serious brain injury can be devastating, not only for the victim but for their loved ones as well. The brain controls a person’s physical and cognitive abilities as well as their emotions. When brain injuries occur, effects may include impaired cognition, loss of physical ability such as walking or speech, or unpredictable emotional reactions. This type of injury can be especially difficult for families because their loved one can seem like a different person after the injury has occurred. Depending on the severity, it may affect a person’s ability to work and earn an income. When this happens, the family is left not only to deal with the physical and mental consequences of the injury but the financial burden of lost income and extensive medical care.

Question: Why hire a lawyer specializing in brain injuries?

Your lawyer will be able to let you know what your rights are in a particular case. They will also be able to let you know where you can make claims and help you determine which parties you may sue for damages. If the brain injury occurred as the result of a car accident, you lawyer can help you with insurance forms and even speak to your insurance company on your behalf. If the brain injury occurred as the result of a slip and fall, your lawyer can help you determine whether or not negligence was involved and if so help determine fault and issue a lawsuit. While suing for damages may seem like just one more stressor in an already stressful situation, your lawyer can actually help relieve the financial stress that can result from the injury. They will set out a clear action plan to recover damages for things such as medical costs, attendant costs, lost income and earning potential and much more. Lawyers experienced with brain injury cases perform an important service for their clients and loved ones. They help them to receive the benefits they need to get on with their lives.