Should I Still Contact a Personal Injury Law Firms If The Accident Was “No fault”?

Personal injury law firms in Toronto are accustomed to suing on behalf of clients for no fault accidents and it is still important to contact a personal injury lawyer in these cases. Unfortunately, sometimes the term “no fault” makes people think that they don’t need to consult with a lawyer.  In many cases, not contacting a personal injury law firm can be a costly mistake.

What Does “No Fault” Mean?

The term “no fault” is a bit misleading. It does not mean that the accident was no one’s fault. It would be difficult to envision a scenario in which there was an accident where one or more of the parties involved didn’t share at least part of the blame.

Instead, what no fault means is that “no matter who is at fault”, your insurance company pays benefits for you and the insurance company of the other party, pays theirs.

The Role of Personal Injury Law Firms in No Fault Accidents

Personal injury law firms in Toronto play two main roles in no fault cases. The first role is to assist the victim in getting compensation from their insurance company.

The second role is to sue the guilty party(ies) for damages if necessary.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

Even though you should be entitled to compensation from your insurance company when you are injured in a no fault accident, this compensation is not always guaranteed or automatic. When victims are unable to get the assistance they require, this is where personal injury law firms in Toronto can step in and help.

Among the benefits that accident victims can receive from their insurance companies are financial compensation to replace income, medical expenses and housekeeping assistance.

Personal Injury Law FirmsSuing At Fault Parties

Even if an accident is no fault, if you were injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, you may still be able to sue for damages. If the injury is Serious and Permanent, you may sue for Pain and Suffering. (Note that there is a $30,000 deductible for injuries that occurred following October 1 2003.

Other damages that may be sued for include medical expenses and other expenses that resulted directly from your injury, loss of income as well as loss of housekeeping.

Your personal injury lawyer will help you determine what other damages you might be eligible for.

Personal Injury Firms

Because personal injury law is very complex and specific, it is important to use a firm that specializes in this area of the law. Personal injury law firms in Toronto have an advantage over general practitioners because they deal exclusively with personal injury cases.

In cases where they accident is no fault, these firms can help accident victims get the help they need both from insurance companies as well as from at fault parties.

They can also investigate whether there are any other sources from which their clients should be seeking assistance or compensation.

Don’t let the words “no fault” prevent you from obtaining legal advice and help. If you’ve sustained injuries from an accident let the team at Clarke Personal Injury Lawyers help ensure that you get all the compensation that you are entitled to.

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