Spinal Injuries

Injuries to the spinal cord can rob a person from feeling, function or sensation below the level of injury. Alternatively, spinal injuries can be incomplete, frequently involving a compression or other injury to the spinal cord where consequences can vary from loss of bowel or bladder control to a loss of unction in the torso or the limbs. Thousands of people suffer traumatic brain or spinal injuries every year. These injuries can result from slip and falls, car accidents, boating accidents, or other accidents. People who suffer brain injuries can lose their independence, can be unable to work and may have extremely high medical expenses and rehabilitation costs.

Natalie Clarke will work closely with you and your family members to provide you with a successful outcome. We work closely with top experts including medical professionals, present and future care experts, specialized accountants, and leaders in the field of medical rehabilitation.

If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident and are now struggling with traumatic brain and spinal injuries, you have the right to full retribution for your losses. The legal process following such an accident can be overwhelming and confusing. Natalie Clarke is an experienced brain and spinal injury lawyer who can help you navigate the path to justice, potentially earning you maximum benefits with minimum anxiety so you can focus on your health instead of worrying about your legal case.

Natalie Clarke will work with you to earn you the  settlement you deserve for your brain and spinal injury.

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