Everyone has a basic duty to take reasonable care of their property to ensure that conditions are safe at all times when other people are on their premises. Too often, the proper care and maintenance of property is neglected and can result in a whole host of injuries and other issues for victims of this type of negligence.

Have you or a loved one suffered injuries due to the following circumstances?

–        Inadequate lighting
–        Slippery surfaces
–        Snow or ice that has not been properly cleared
–        Steps or stairs that are not in compliance with the appropriate building codes and standards
–        Damaged or unrepaired walking surfaces

Many factors go into assessing a Plaintiff’s case and determining whether those responsible have failed to take reasonable care of their property. These factors can include the failure to identify and remove hazards from property, including the failure to post visible warnings to the public pertaining to these hazards; failure to regularly maintain a property; having improperly trained employees; and the failure to assist an injured person at the site of an accident.

These scenarios occur all the time and can have lasting repercussions on you or your loved ones, and in some extreme cases, may even result in wrongful death. Everyone has the basic duty to maintain their property to the best of their ability and ensure it is safe at all times for everyone- there is never any excuse for negligence or failure to do so.

Clarke Law can help you or your loved ones recover the damages that you are entitled to if you have been injured on someone else’s property due to their failure to adequately maintain it. Our team of professionals have fought for countless victims of occupier’s liability in Toronto and throughout the GTA, and we will work with you in every step of the process to ensure that you are properly taken care of and adequately compensated for your suffering. We will fight for you every step of the way so that you don’t have to suffer in silence any longer.

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