Personal Injury From Contaminated Food Products

food_recallAbout 100 million meals are eaten each day in Canada. Food travels a long way and through many hands before it hits your plate – often from the farm, to the processor, the distributor and to the retailer.

Canada has a strong food safety system. The food industry is required to have strict food safety measures in place to minimize potential risks and product liabilities. When these measures are applied effectively, they help reduce food-related injuries and illnesses.

But food-related illnesses can and do happen. It’s important that Canadians be informed quickly of the food and products that may be contaminated. Being informed will prevent you or a loved one from incurring an injury from a defective or contaminated food product.

When a food product is released that could cause serious health consequences if consumed, there will be food recall warnings released publicly similarly as other products (i.e., cars, toys, furniture). However, sometimes this is not timely enough, making it critical that you have the outlets available to you to be informed immediately if a recall is issued to protect yourself and loved ones as successfully as possible.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) along with other news media outlets (i.e., radio stations, social media platforms, news television stations) will issue food recall warnings. Once a potentially unsafe food product is identified and the public is alerted, the CFIA will verify that the recalling firm has contacted all of its providers, distributors and retailers and has removed the recalled products from store shelves.

Depending on the level and reach of the risk, various news outlets will alert the public nationally, regionally and/or locally. These alerts can usually be found on the radio, news stations, official websites, email alerts, Twitter, RSS feeds, widgets and mobile apps.

This being said, it’s smart to sign up for notifications from a couple news channels via email alerts, Twitter, Facebook, or live news feeds that can give you an immediate update if there has been a food recall issued.

Signing up for food recall warnings and allergy alerts is an easy and effective way to stay informed and safe from unsafe food products.

Defective consumer products – from furniture and electronics to food, clothing and vehicle parts – can cause serious injury and in some cases, fatality. Distributors must ensure product safety before releasing a product into the consumer market and show reasonable proof of safety status. If you or a loved one has been injured due to a manufacturer or retailer’s negligence, they are entitled to compensation.

Every manufacturer owes the user of a product a duty to catch defects before they hit the marketplace and maintain a standard of quality in their production. At the same time, retailers have a duty to only sell or distribute a product that is verified to be safe. If the designer, retailer or manufacturer has failed to provide such standards of care, then they are legally responsible for any resulting losses in an injury or fatality.

As an experienced personal injury lawyer in Toronto and throughout Southern Ontario, Natalie Clarke has handled cases concerning dangerous products unsafe food products  (contamination caused by bacteria or chemicals). If you or a loved on has been affected by unsafe food products, call her today for a free consultation to see how you can be compensated for the personal injuries incurred.

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