Tracey Biggs, B.A., Licensed Paralegal, Tort Law Clerk

Tracey Biggs joined the Clarke Law Personal Injury Lawyers team in 2015 as a law clerk in plaintiffs’ tort litigation law. Throughout her time working at Clarke Law she perfected her experience with law firms hired by the insurance companies to defend negligent drivers. Tracey is driven and dedicated to making sure the plaintiffs’ claims are not delayed by the insurance companies and that the process is moved along at every step of the proceedings.

Tracey takes great satisfaction in helping injured people and their families through the difficult process of the personal injury litigation. She is a passionate and dedicated team player at Clarke Law.

Tracey brings life experience to the firm and her skills are invaluable in providing clients with access to information and, ultimately, access to justice.

When not working, Tracey loves reading history books, baking, and cooking.

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