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Facing the consequences of a major accident alone can be daunting. Natalie Clarke, B.A., LL.B., has over 14 years experience in recovering substantial compensations for seriously injured accident victim and affected family members. Clarke heads the team of skilled lawyers, paralegals, and law clerks at Clarke Law who are dedicated to providing access to justice to the car accident victims and their families. All lawyers at Clarke Law are tenacious and work with each client personally to ensure they can deliver the legal representation they deserve. The team focuses on more critically injured victims of negligence. Clarke Law prides itself on giving the voice to the injured and the weakened members of our society. We are proud supporters of the various organizations such as FAIR, Brain Injury Association, and Sick Kids Hospital. The pursuit of recovering compensations could be challenging for all involved. Clarke and her team work tirelessly to obtain quick and fair compensation for their clients.

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The law in Canada allows for the victims of negligence to be restored back to their pre-accident level of functioning and enjoyment of life. If this cannot be achieved through medical rehabilitation, then a monetary compensation is awarded to allow the disabled individual to return to as much “normal” life as possible. Our dedicated lawyers and the support team will help you receive the deserved compensation. Our goal is to help you return to the life you had prior to the accident. The team at Clarke Law has successfully assisted numerous clients from all walks of life to obtain proper compensation for their injuries. If the accident injury left its mark, call Natalie Clarke at 416-214-0043 for a FREE case analysis, with NO obligation to sign on. The clients have a choice of retaining the firm on the hourly basis or retain on the contingency basis. If your injuries rendered you immobile, we can meet you either at the hospital or in your home. Do not delay with getting legal representation. What you do not know about insurance law may hurt you. You may wish to secure legal representation when it is apparent that your injuries are serious.

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