How much compensation can I get for my car accident injuries?

The compensation paid out to people with car accident injuries varies depending on a number of factors. Largely, it is based upon the existing laws in Canada surrounding injuries and awards. It is also based on who is held responsible for the car accident, and how much insurance they possess. It is also based on the severity of your injuries, and the ability of your personal injury lawyer to secure you the best award possible. Even if you are at fault for the accident, there is compensation for your injuries through your own insurance company. Be aware that your premiums may go up after filing a claim, but your insurance should pay you the appropriate benefits. Your injury lawyer will make sure you get all of the compensation you’re entitled to.

Question: How much compensation can I expect?

When filing a claim with your own insurance company, this will depend on how much coverage you purchased, and how serious your injuries are. When filing a claim against the other driver, it will depend on their coverage. In minor injury cases, there is a maximum of $3,500 coverage for medical and rehabilitation benefits. When injuries are considered catastrophic, you may receive up to $1,000,000 over the course of your lifetime. However, a more common amount is up to $50,000 for treatments such as assistive devices like wheelchairs, rehabilitation and counselling, home modifications, and prescription medications, over the course of 10 years following the accident. These are services not covered by OHIP. Discussing your specific case with the personal injury lawyers at Clarke Law will give you the best idea of what type of case you have, and how much you may receive.

Question: What can I do to ensure maximum compensation?

To ensure you get the most coverage, it is important not to admit fault to the other driver on the scene. It is best to exchange insurance and contact information, and then let your lawyer handle all future communication with the other driver. So, hiring a lawyer as soon as possible is your best course of action. You will want their support when you need to contact the insurance companies.

You can also take photos of the scene, in order to provide evidence of the damage, and document exactly what injuries you have sustained. Keep a log of all of your medical appointments, bills, medications, and aches and pains, so that your lawyer has all of the relevant information. Do not post on social media or anywhere on the internet any details of your accident, as the other party may try to use this against you. Always be honest with your lawyer about pre-existing medical conditions that might contribute to or negate your injuries. It is crucial that your lawyer has exact and accurate information so that you can proceed with your claims, or even a civil suit.

Remember that each case is unique, and your car accident injuries and your award will differ from others you’ve heard of. The best thing you can do is hire a competent, experienced lawyer, like the lawyers at Clarke Law, to handle your case and guide you through the process.


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