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Question: What kind of compensation can I get if I hire a personal injury lawyer?

If you’re considering hiring a Toronto personal injury lawyer, you may be wondering if it is worth going through the hassle of legal action. After all, how much compensation would you really be able to get? It is more than the insurance company already offering you?

In fact, it is very difficult for most people to know if they are being offered fair compensation by the insurance company. Your Toronto personal injury lawyer at Clarke Law can add value to your case by at least letting you know if you are getting a fair offer.

Question: How much compensation can I get?

In Toronto, the amount of compensation you receive is limited by legislation and case law. For Accident Benefits claims, the limits to compensation are set out in the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule and are meant to cover your immediate medical and rehabilitation needs. In Tort (Court Actions), it is limited by the categories of your losses, previous case law decisions, and the Supreme Court of Canada decision on pain and suffering awards. The amount you may be entitled to is based on many factors and therefore, it is difficult to assess how much a claim could potentially be worth without getting as many details as possible in an initial interview. This is why it is important to bring as many documents for your first interview as possible. Your personal injury lawyer will let you know how many other documents need to be collected and requested from various agencies and companies. It is a long process but a necessary one.

The compensation you may receive will depend largely on the details of your case (action) meticulously prepared by your lawyers. The amounts of compensation can vary immensely, but hiring the right personal injury lawyer is the first step to securing the recompense you deserve.

Question: What factors are involved in calculating compensation?

There is a lot that goes into determining what fair compensation is for an injured person. To determine compensation, it is important to have a proper diagnosis from a doctor. Your lawyer will also collect details about your life, income, hobbies, family, and friends in order to get an idea of how your injury affected your life and your finances.

Being injured and having post-accident limitations can have a huge financial impact both on the victim and on their family. Not only are there medical expenses to be considered, but there can be lost income as well as other expenses such caregiving, attendant care services, and housekeeping.

The economic opportunities lost as a direct result of your injury will be considered. Essentially, the compensation you receive will be based on how much the injury has prevented you from carrying on with your normal life, and how much you will need to sustain you in the absence of your regular income.

Your personal injury lawyer can help you understand what kinds of results are relevant to your case, based on the details, as every case is different. Hiring a lawyer is crucial in obtaining a fair award.

What happens if my insurance company denies my claim?

If your injury lawyer believes they have a case against the insurance company, they will fight to get you the benefits that you are entitled to.

If your insurance company denies benefits such as physiotherapy or reimbursement for medical expenses, do not let that stop you from seeking legal action. If you have an injury that was caused because of someone else’s negligence, it is critical to your financial security that you get the help you need.

If your case is settled out of court, your settlement will also reflect the economic losses and opportunities factored into a court’s decision. This decision, however, will be made between you and the insurance company of the party at fault, with the advice of both sides’ lawyers. Since personal injury lawyers see so many of these cases every year, your lawyer can help you obtain an award that is fairer than you might be able to negotiate on your own.




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