Personal Injury Lawyer Fees

Your initial consultation is FREE with no obligation to sign up with the firm. We recognize that people who have suffered serious personal injury are already facing many financial and other challenges. That is why we have options available for working with your situation. For example, the firm will carry the cost of advancing your claim until its successful conclusion. You also may be entitled to several claims, such as No-Fault Accident Benefits, pain and suffering caused by negligence, and Short/Long-Term Disability, among many others.

The law in Ontario allows for a percentage fee to be charged on the recovered amount known as a contingency fee. The lawyer’s fee is based upon the percentage of total recovery (approximately 20%) and may vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the case and the risks assumed by the law firm. The firm’s contingency retainer is based upon the Law Society guidelines and is fully explained in writing with a case example provided. We will incur various disbursements on your behalf until your claims are successfully resolved.

Our firm strives to make your experience with us as smooth and easy as possible. This includes our dedication to ensuring that you enter the case well-informed, leaving no surprises to be found at the conclusion of the case.

The team of lawyers at Clarke Law have provided countless clients in Toronto, the GTA, and all surrounding cities and communities with our full range of legal services over the years. With offices conveniently located in the heart of Toronto for easy access, we also provide in-hospital and in-home consultations to accommodate your needs.

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