Can I still get benefits if I am at fault in a car accident?

Yes, you can still receive insurance benefits if you are at fault in a car accident. Regardless of whether the car accident was your fault, or someone else was to blame, you are still eligible to receive benefits. Car accidents happen for a variety of reasons, and in varying degrees of severity, so in almost any event, you can still get benefits for your injuries.

You may have struck a pedestrian or a cyclist, or been in an accident that didn’t involve any other vehicles, but that does not mean you are exempt from receiving support. If you were injured, you should be able to receive benefits.

How do I know who is at fault?

Fault is decided in percentages.  It is possible that more than one driver can be considered partially at fault for an accident. The outcome of the insurance decisions will be based on the amount of fault attributed to each driver. For example, if more than 25% of the fault is yours, your insurance premiums will most likely be affected, but you can still receive compensation. Your insurance can pay out benefits to you, even if you are partially or wholly responsible for the car accident, but keep in mind that your payments going forward may be increased.

Car AccidentHow a can a personal injury lawyer help me if I was at fault?

Even if your case does not go to court, a personal injury lawyer can help you in dealing with your insurance company. Insurance companies do not like to pay out claims, so having representation on your side can ensure you get what you are entitled to. Especially if you are looking for the other at-fault driver’s insurance company to pay you claim, having a lawyer can be to your benefit. By hiring a personal injury lawyer from Clarke Law, you will be supported by someone who knows and understands the laws, and how they will be applied in your particular circumstance.

A Personal Injury Lawyer will make sure you get the compensation you deserve and require, even when you are at fault for the car accident. Instead of letting yourself be bullied by nay-saying insurance companies, defending yourself with a lawyer can save you a lot of headache, as well as money. Your lawyer will give you a fair assessment of how much responsibility your insurance will need to take, and how much compensation you’re eligible and entitled to receive.

How do I know if my case entitles me to benefits?

If your car accident leaves you unable to return to work, you will be entitled to benefits. If you require assistance in getting yourself dressed, bathed, or fed, you should also receive financial compensation. Your total award is based on the damages of your loss of income, any expenses you incur as a result of the car accident, and pain and suffering. If any or all of these damages apply to your case, you will be eligible for benefits. The personal injury lawyers at Clarke Law will be able to guide you through the process and help you seek the right damages for your case.

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