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We specialize in recovering compensations for car accident trauma victims. We don’t get paid until the personal injury case is successfully resolved through settlement or a trial. Insurance companies say they have compassion. But after personal injury or a car accident, many claimants don’t see it. That’s where we step in and protect your interests, giving you the advantages you need to win. The personal injury lawyers Team at Clarke law is tenacious and highly dedicated. Clarke Lawyers have more than 20 years of experience in helping personal injury & car accident victims and they handle all steps of each claim without assigning it to a paralegal.

Call Clarke Lawyers today and we’ll activate our proprietary 10 Point Action PlanTM to get you the compensation you deserve.

You will understand your rights fully and get the best possible result for your claim. Natalie Clarke loves being in the court room and always happy to do trials. She has developed an Access To Justice program unique to Clarke Law where every claimant is protected from being intimidated by insurance companies. Natalie Clarke is a firm believer in Access To Justice for everyone, and especially, for the most vulnerable in our society — the disabled victims of car accidents. From the start, Clarke Lawyers work tirelessly and prepare each claim as if it’s going to trial. If you have strong evidence, you have a strong case. If you have a strong case, you obtain optimum compensation faster. Trust your case to the crusaders for Access to Justice – trust Clarke Lawyers to fight for your fair compensation and allow you the ability to live as normal life as possible despite of your injuries and limitations. Restoring Fairness and Justice — one client at the time. That’s our pledge to you.


Facing the consequences of a major accident alone can be daunting. Natalie Clarke, B.A., LL.B., has over 14 years experience in recovering substantial compensations for seriously injured accident victim and affected family members. Clarke heads the team of skilled lawyers, paralegals, and law clerks at Clarke Law who are dedicated to providing access to justice to the car accident victims and their families. All lawyers at Clarke Law are tenacious… Read More


The law in Canada allows for the victims of negligence to be restored back to their pre-accident level of functioning and enjoyment of life. If this cannot be achieved through medical rehabilitation, then a monetary compensation is awarded to allow the disabled individual to return to as much “normal” life as possible. Our dedicated lawyers and the support team will help you receive the deserved compensation. Our goal is to help… Read More


Your initial consultation is FREE with no obligation to sign up with the firm. We recognize that people who have suffered serious personal injury are already facing many financial and other challenges. That is the reason we have options available for working with your situation. For example, the firm will carry the cost of advancing your claim until its successful. You also may be entitled to several claims… Read More

Latest Testimonials

“I was in a horrific motorcycle accident on a highway north of Toronto. I was lucky to be alive. My insurance company gave me the run around and the adjuster was not paying me my benefits. I hired Natalie Clarke as my personal injury lawyer. It was the best thing I did. She fought for my rights. Natalie had the wisdom and the experience to understand how bad your life changes because of the accident. She took the responsible person to court and made his insurance company pay for his negligence. It took even longer to fight my own insurance company to pay for my treatments. I would not have recovered as much and as quickly if not for Natalie. Her nick name is “Pitbull” and she truly is. Have the “Pitbull” on your side! Hire Natalie to represent you in your personal injury claim.”

Kent B., Resident of Innisville, Ontario
Kent B., Resident of Innisville, Ontario